A collaboration with the fashion brand ZEB fashion.


During a difficult period over the past few years, Arno started writing poetry that was molded within this concept into a larger story that grew out of it. The story has taken on the guise of a fairy tale in which it is important to give Arno's morals in combination with portraying the fairy tale and the characters.


Arno converts poems into a story and then into fashion, installation, mixed media landscapes and soundscapes that form a whole. Each item of clothing in the collection conveys a different aspect of its “fairy tale” - we see different morals, landscapes and shaped characters that return in various prints, textures and shapes. This gives his collection an extra layer, an extra dimension, literally and figuratively.


Arno's collection consists of eccentric pieces that come straight from his story: wide jeans with a landscape lasered on, sweater printed with a landscape, turtleneck with a graphic moral, bomber jacket and a hoodie where you have to look for it yourself. Each item comes with a matching poem on which everything is based, something you receive with purchase. In this way he hopes to involve the customer more within the concept of the collection and to evoke feelings. By doing this in combination with his poems, landscapes, installations and accompanying soundscapes, he wants to show that fashion is more than “just” clothing. For him it is a Gesamtkunstwerk in which everything comes to life in harmony.


“This collection is about feelings that everyone recognizes. By pouring them into a story, I hope people realize that solutions are always closer than they sometimes seem.” says Arno about his collection.