- "De/constructie" (group) - Ghent 


- "Mark Macken price", national Belgian prize for sculpture (group) - Sint Niklaas 


- Book Event at S.M.A.K. - Ghent


-"Approachable art" at gallery Campo & Campo (group) - Antwerp



-Published "Dat wat een beeld bepaalt" with publishing house Boekscout


-"The t-shirt project" Lochness (group) - Ghent


-"Input-output" (group) - Bruges


-"Wonder" (group) - Kortrijk


-"Puur" at museum dr. Guislain (group) - Ghent


-Garments used by Xander Pauwels for Gianna Zappettini's project "It's not so serious"


-Garments used by Volha Reutava for Mirror Mirror magazine


-"Buy local" Kunsthal (group) - Ghent


-"Ten eerste het laatste" (group) - Ghent 


-Made culture awards for city Beringen - Beringen


-"Threesome on the playground" (group) - Ghent



-S.M.A.K, "The Plinth" (group) - Ghent


-"Capture the flag" (solo) - Ghent 


-Published "Als Alle pis gezeken is" with publishing house Boekscout


-"Triggers" (group) -Ghent


- Garments used for Thibaut seven's by Marie Van Puyenbroeck 


- Garments used for a shoot by Zahra Siouda Hasby


- Official collection launch & expo X ZEB fashion (group) - Antwerp


-"Het jaar van de doorbraak" (group) - Ghent



- "Fashion expo" royal academie of fine arts (group) - Ghent


- De nieuwe zonderlingen event (group)- Tilburg


- Textile museum Tilburg (Group expo)-Tilburg