this collection is all about finding your inner cowboy


Arno used his own experiences and feelings from his life for this collection and converted them into different prints, materials and shapes. He describes the feeling from which he gets his inspiration as a journey. A journey through what the cowboy already knows -Las Vegas and it's neon colors - and then the mountainous region yet to be discovered. A collection in which the spectator can find his inner cowboy by empathizing wit the designer's journey. Based on a personally experienced journey, translated into prints, materials and shapes that are derived from own experiences and feelings. These are combined with typical elements of a cowboy who made a journey by himself and his caddle. There is what already has been discovered like Vegas and it's neon colors but beside that we have things yet to be certain about. Miles of unknown mountain range yet to be crossed. Walking a path with disruptions and changes that we have to. adapt to, translated throughout this collection. 


this collection shows the misadventures and adaptability of the cowboy, of mankind and perhaps himself