Who is Arno?


Arno was born in Mol, Belgium in 1999. He graduated from fashion education at Kask Ghent in 2022 and is now studying sculpture.

His first works consist of large sculptural silhouettes paired with typical chiaroscuro prints and various materials that make people disappear completely and bring new creatures and invented worlds to earth.


He felt more at home in making sculptures that were created over the years, which led Arno to continue his career in sculpture. He still works with a kind of alienation that now arises rather through the manipulation of everyday objects through the change of materiality and shape, in which he manages to combine objects that have no connection whatsoever in order to obtain an appropriate overall picture. In these works, the return to childhood, escapism in alienation and industrial characteristics can still be found that translate into typical colors, shapes and materials that bring everything together to life.