The starting point of "CAMP ARNO" is a combination of costumes used in "pagan rituals" that carry out the transition of seasons. With a visible escapism to childhood and to absurd worlds and creatures, arno began to develop his "Stuffed childhood" insects, with a nod to the costumes for the rituals. The insects represent his childhood instead of teddy bears and stuffed animals. What would deter most attracts arno, the beauty of an insect if we take a closer look.


He maintains this idea throughout his research because he uses the beauty of the children's world, while if we look closer and deeper that this children's world is not as beautiful as we are taught in the form of a card game, poetry spoken by children, use of materials and so on. In this way he wants to make people clash with their ideal idea of ​​"being a child".


During the process there was a kind of aggression, childhood anger. From this came the idea to realize the "stuffed childhood" insects in the form of sculptures encased in the typical arno prints and fabric treatments that represent the structures and beauties of insects as we see in macro photos. These insects represent his childhood from which he wants to leave bad experiences and feelings behind. he therefore reproduces them in a suppressed way in the form of a hunting trophy, bearskin, see-saw and so on in order to put himself above them and process this.


With these works there is always an interaction with the human that is necessary to complete the work, close the ritual of transition and still make it fashion for arno in a certain way.